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5 Digital Tools That Will Supercharge Your Online Business

As a business owner, building a company in the digital age has been quite a ride. Access to nearly every corner of the globe has made it easier than ever to build your exposure and reach new clients or customers. The addition of social media and digital marketing tools can help even amateur entrepreneurs impress their audience with branding and

It is no secret that technology has changed the way business works. With all this technological development jumping into the digital space comes many tools that aim to help businesses meet their goals. And just like every tool you have in your workshop can’t be used simultaneously, not all of the digital tools available are essential.

While there are tons of online tools and resources available to help you build your business, there are five in particular that have been invaluable:

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is an online freelancer platform that brings the best of the digital entrepreneurial world to meet nearly any need that a business owner may have. When I say anything, I really mean anything.

By creating a free Fiverr account online, you will have instant access to a whole host of designers that can create a variety of projects for your marketing need:

● Blog & Article Writing

● Graphic Design

● 3D Animation

● Voiceover

● Social Media Content

● Video Creation & Editing

The freelancers and contractors on Fiverr are reviewed and ranked based on their performance and speed, so you can easily find the best freelancer for any job you need to be completed to boost your business operations. For me, Fiverr has been great for finding incredibly talented creatives that I can depend on for any project - big or small. Fivver makes the process of delegating work and tasks fast and easy, which is crucial for building a successful, sustainable business model.

Why You Should Use Fiverr For Your Business:

● Freelancers are usually very fast with their responses and results.

● Delegating to contractors is key to helping you accomplish more every day.

● Fiverr’s platform makes it easy to find credible sellers by looking at reviews and ranks.

● The platform offers a convenient escrow service for making sales.

● Freelancers are often very affordable due to their unique specialization.


If you are going to build your business, you need to make money. As you make money, you will need to find a fast and reliable way to invoice clients, accept payments, and track expenses. In the days of digital-first business, you won’t make it by trying to operate your finances with paper and pen.

When it comes to a digital invoicing and payment system, I recommend is a full invoicing and tracking system that allows businesses to handle all of their income and expenses online.

As a business owner, has helped me, charge customers, track my finances, and prepare reports for tax season.

Why You Should Use For Your Business:

● The system has an intuitive process for tracking expenses and income.

● allows you to create and send invoices to clients quickly.

● also has the capability to prepare and send contracts.

● You can track your hours for billing purposes.

3. Dropbox & Google Drive

Two of my most-used tools to run my business is Dropbox and Google Drive.

Dropbox and Google Cloud are two programs that offer cloud storage and backup services. These programs make it easy to keep all your files stored and accessible any time that you need them. Best of all, both offer mobile applications that you can use to store any type of file and upload or download with a click.

Dropbox and Google Drive also offer editing abilities if you need to open a file and make changes. With integrations, you can also automatically attach files and documents to a variety of communication applications. This has been a lifesaver in communicating with clients, uploading files, and sending documents.

Which one is better? While both have advantages and disadvantages, both offer similar features that businesses can enjoy for different prices. My most common tool of the two is Dropbox.

Why You Should Use Dropbox or Google Drive For Your Business:

● Quickly upload and store nearly any file type or size.

● Share documents or files with your team or clients fast.

● Create shareable links that team members or clients can view, modify, and share.

4. Asana

With the growth of digital work and remote workplaces, the ability to track projects is more important than ever. When you can’t just walk around the corner and ask a team member how progress is going on a particular task, Asana has become the next best method for productivity.

With Asana, you can build online dashboards that allow you to create projects, assign tasks, and track progress across various business processes. You can even invite clients to track projects along with your team, and Asana offers effective feedback methods to help you provide clear and actionable dashboards for your team and clients.

Why You Should Use Asana For Your Business:

● Increased productivity and project tracking for teams.

● Elimination of multi-project confusion and task chaos.

● Ability to quickly assign tasks to specific teams or individuals and track progress.

● Easy to learn and use, and fast onboarding with team members.

5. Slack

One of my favorite tools to supercharge my business communication has been Slack. A messaging and collaboration platform, Slack is a program that allows team members to communicate via its various applications.

Slack offers a ton of features that makes working with a team easy and flexible. Whether your team works together in a single location or is scattered across the globe, Slack allows for enterprise-level capabilities such as file sharing, topic-specific conversations, and file authentication for added security. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to stay in touch and boost team productivity, Slack is the best in the business.

Why You Should Use Slack For Your Business:

● Innovative communication tools for working with any member of your team.

● Ability to create and operate various group chats based on topics or channels.

● File sharing and security authentication services.

● Desktop and mobile applications for instant communication.

What do you think? Agree with my top five tools for business success? Let me know in the comments, and follow Podigy Podcasts online to learn more!

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