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Leverage Your Story and Sell Your Services with a Polished Podcast 

Our team of dedicated podcast experts will work with you to start an amazing podcast show that looks and sounds professional.


"Working with Podigy has truly improved my life. They are wonderful and quick with their communication. They save me hours every single week and enable me to produce high-quality content for my audience."


"Working with the Podigy team has been seamless and fantastic for our business. Their team is prompt to answer any questions and very knowledgeable. We have obtained new clients because they listened to our podcast! We are very pleased with the excellent product Podigy provides!"


Working with Justin and Podigy Podcast was an absolute pleasure.  I just started my podcast and am relieved that I found Justin.  I had specific transitions in mind for my podcast and Justin with Podigy delivered exactly what I needed and in time for my first premiere episode. 

Why Podcasting?

Most people don't yet realize the power of podcasting. It's an untapped market filled with opportunity.

- Gary Vaynerchuck

The same way I felt about social media in 2006/7/8, I feel about podcasting, audio and voice today in 2019.


How Podigy Works

We handle every aspect of podcast production. You talk, we do the rest

Step 1:

Launching the Show

We get you the right equipment, teach you how to use it, plan your show, and create artwork.

Step 2:

Record &


Record your episodes and drop your files in the Dropbox. We'll take care it from there.

Step 3:

Editing and Content Creation

We edit your audio, clip key moments for social media, and write a blog post.

Step 4:

Publishing to Platforms

We write a title and description for the episode and upload it to all streaming platforms.

Don't want to worry about writing blogs and and managing social media content?


We've got you covered!


We hand off your social media management to BNL Media Consulting, a trained team of social media experts.

By working with Podigy, you get and exclusive %40 off BNL's Monthly Management services!

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All of our graphic design is done by Kalon Creative, a top-tier team of designers, photographers, and videographers who are experts in content creation

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Blogs are written by Brad, Owner of Pipe and Pen, a professional copywriting company

- Seth Godin

Podcasting is the new blogging... as a way to share your ideas, to lead your community, to earn trust.


We are THE go-to podcast people

Podigy was founded in 2019 By Justin J. Moore out of a love for podcasts. It began only as an audio-editing and mixing service, but has now grown into a podcast production agency covering all aspects of the industry. The goal has always remained the same: to help businesses and entrepreneurs utilize podcasting as a way to grow their audiences, increase their sales, and create engaging content. 


Adam, Sound Engineer

Hey, I'm Adam! I graduated from MetalWorks Institute of sound in Missisauga. My favorite podcast of all time is "And The Writer Is".


Justin, Owner

Hey, I'm Justin. My job is to work closely with our amazing clients and guide them through the process of podcasting. I also make sure that the other guys are behaving. My favorite podcast of all time has to be "Business Wars".

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Brad, Blogwriter

Hey, I'm Brad! I’m an avid storyteller, and I love bringing ideas to life through the written word. My job is to turn each podcast episode into an engaging and converting blog post. My favorite podcast of all time has to be "My Brother, My Brother, and Me".

Nisarg, Content Creator

Hey, I'm Nisarg Patel. I have been working as a professional content creator for more than 2 years. I love creating beautiful content for social media. My favorite podcast of all time is, of course, "The Gary Vee Audio Experience"!

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